Monday, April 29, 2013

Goals, a freebie and a giveaway!

Happy Monday!  I made it through my first day post spring break!  It wasn't too bad except for the talking!  A constant problem in my class!  But, I figured out that after today there are only 6 more Mondays left in the school year!!!  I can conquer the rest of the school year with only 6 more Mondays!

Today, I am linking up with i {heart} recess for her May Monthly Goals!  (I think this is perfect for this time of year!)

Personal: I am probably like any teacher, I spend to much money on my classroom.  I am always amazed when I do my taxes and add up all the receipts how much I spent.  I am like a magnet for dollar bins, dollar stores, bookstores, clearance sections, regular sections, you name it I am a magnet.  I am hoping not to spend as much on my classroom this month.  I need to look at it in a way that I am going to have to pack it up in a few weeks and do I want one more thing to put into a box?

Health: I have been trying to get into a better exercise/running routine.  I have done some hear and there, but would love to drop a few pounds for my sisters wedding on June 1st.  I hope I can be more consistent in my exercise.

Blogging: I am new to this whole thing, but I would love to hit 50 followers.  That may be kind of a large goal, but I am up for the challenge!  I would be happy with any number of followers!

School: With only eight weeks of school, I am looking at my math curriculum and seeing a lot left to get through.  I don't want to rush and my students not understand it fully, but cover everything so they have some understanding.  I think I need to sit down and make a chart!  I love charts!

Fun:  My mom is a wonderful person who I absolutely love.  I want to do something special for her this month.  I would love for us to spend a day in the city or even just doing something fun.  She deserves it for all she puts up with my siblings and I!

I hope I can accomplish these goals this month.  I may have to revisit them throughout the month just so I am accountable to someone!

Now onto a new product I have created!  I recently finished my Prime and Composite Number Sort.  You can find this product in my TPT store. Check it out and let me know what you think...I am still new to creating product!

I love to give gifts so, I want to give a copy of this product away to one lucky person...leave a comment with you name, your favorite math activity and your email.  I will choose a winner tomorrow night.  

If you want a little sample, here is a prime and composite number freebie for you!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Well I think that is all for tonight!  Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave me a comment with you favorite math activity for a chance to win my Prime and Composite Number Sort!



  1. Boy, can I relate to spending too much on my classroom and students! I am sure most teachers know the feeling. Each year I get better at it and I find that I don't "need" to have as much. I am right with you being a new blogger and would love to make it to 50 followers in a month's time. I believe it is possible for both of us!

    Foreman Teaches

  2. Thanks for linking up! Linking up to a variety of linky parties will help you meet your blogging goal, you can do it! Your fun goal is super sweet!

    I am originally from Western NY, went to school at SUNY Cortland and SUNY Fredonia. Where are you located?


    1. I am down in Dutchess country. It is about an hour and a half north of New York City right on the Hudson River. We are considered upstate, but we are not upstate at all!


  3. Hi Rosie! I'm new to blogging, too. I'll be your newest follower! :-) The prime and composite freebie can be used as a quick, fun assessment. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rosie,
    Cute blog! I, too, am new to blogging. I started back in August, but there were many weeks/months I didn't write a thing. Now that my grad class is over, I am writing regularly. I teach first grade, but I can relate to your complaint about the talkers. My students think their classroom is a social club. I always tease them that I will be collecting their dues. I never had a class this chatty, and I've been teaching for 16 years!!!! I now have their desks in 3 teams, and I'm trying something new that seems to be working.
    I will help you with your goal and be your newest follower.
    That First Grade Blog

  5. WooHoo! I am your newest follower and I love that I'm helping you reach one of your goals. I teach math, too, and it's tough to pick one favorite math activity. But, I love Secret Agent Math which is a round robin with math skills. The kids LOVE it and they beg me to do it.

    Teaching With Moxie

    1. Congrats! You won my Prime Number Sort. I just emailed it to you!


  6. Great goals! I too get surprised when I realize how much I spend on my classroom. Also, I am sure you can hit 50 followers! You are already well on your way!

    I am having the same realization about my math curriculum. It's crazy how few weeks are left and how much more there is to do. I am sure you will get there though. Charts are very helpful. :-)

    Have a great Tuesday!

  7. I hear ya about spending less money in May - good thing the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale is in June :)

    Joy in the Journey

  8. I'm your 50th follower! Congratulations! :) It's shocking how much we spend on our kiddos! But I always tell myself, with all the crafts and fun things I buy, these are the things they will remember! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade