Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A fun day and a fun math game

I am loving spring break!!!  I think I said that once or twice before.  Today was the perfect day.  The weather was perfect, people I was with was perfect, the food I ate was was a perfect day!  A few of my fellow teachers ventured up to New York to see where I live and explore a few fun things with me.  We had a wonderful lunch at the Culinary Institute of America and then took a walk over the Walkway over the Hudson.  If you ever find yourself in Dutchess County, I highly suggest both of those places!

I also hit the jackpot at a local library.  They had a few shelves of used books and they were running a sale all the books you could fit in a bag for $1.  Look at what I was able to fit in my bag!

28 books for $1

They are going to have a big book sale in a couple of weeks and I am going to stock up again $5 for a box!  I cannot wait! (yes, I have a slight obsession with books!)

Ok, now for a fun simple math game.  I am linking up with Ideas by Jivey for her Wednesday Workshop.  This weeks theme: Math Partner Games.

My game is pretty simple...

All you need is two decks of cards, some kind of game board and playing pieces.  Each students gets a deck of cards (you can remove the face cards if you want or they can be higher number values) and places their marker on start.  Each student draws two cards, they can either add, subtract or multiply the numbers on the cards.  The goal is they want the highest number.  If they have the highest number they move their piece forward.  You can isolate just having the students practice their addition, subtraction or multiplication facts.  It is a super easy game to set up and get started with students.  My fifth graders even love it! 

One last thing...

I have teamed up with Michaela from The Center Based Classroom.  She is holding an amazing fundraiser for the people in Boston.  If you donate $20 you can choose form two amazing product bundles (one for K-2 or one for 3-6).  100% of your donation with goes to the victims of the Boston bombings.  I encourage you to donate to this great cause.  


Thanks again for reading!  I pray you have a wonderful night!



  1. Fun and easy math game! Perfect!!

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  2. Great game!! Thanks for linking up! Enjoy your break! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to the awesome world of blogging! I am very envious of you 28 books for a $1.00! I LOVE a good bargain :)


  4. I am addicted to purchasing quality children books and I would love to get such a great bargain.

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