Sunday, June 21, 2015

TpT {Seller} Challenge Week 1: Multiplication Properties Scavenger Hunt

Hello...anyone out there???  I am so embarrassed that I have not blogged in forever.  This school year has kicked my butt and I come home with no energy to do much of anything.  I don't have much of a summer break either because we have a six week summer session.  I am going to try and rekindle my blog and TpT store.  I have not done much of anything lately! 

I am excited to join over 1000 TpT Sellers in a four week TpT {Seller} challenge! I feel like this challenge is just what the doctor ordered for my TpT Store.  

Here are my beginning stats...there is defiantly room for improvement!

Week one's challenge was to makeover one of your products...change font/graphics, add new pages, overhaul it.  I decided to makeover my best seller.  It was one of the first products I ever made and it was time to give it a makeover.

I love bright colors and I felt this product needed some bright bold colors.  I also changed the font and I updated the recording sheets. You can check out this product in my store or by clicking here.  I have big plans to makeover some other products, so keep a watch out!

I am off to start report cards and make some lesson plans for this last week before break!  Enjoy your Sunday!