Friday, June 7, 2013

Five for Friday

One more full week and then two and a half days!  I am hitting a wall and hoping I can make it the rest of the way!  I am excited to be home for the week-end, spending time with my nephews before they go back to the Netherlands next week.  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for their Five for Friday!

1. My sister got married!!
Last Saturday, my younger sister Sarah got married to an awesome guy, Steven.  Her wedding took place in North Carolina at the Hemlock Inn, which Steven's Family owns.  It was a very beautiful wedding that was lots of fun!

My Brother and I

The Wedding Party

My Sisters and I...(I am in the Middle and yes, my sisters are twins)

2. Fun Field Trip to the Intrepid Museum
Yesterday, Jessica from Joy in the Journey took 33 fifth graders to the Intrepid Sea and Space Museum in New York City.  The students had a fantastic time and were so well behaved!  It was very interesting and perfect for my fifth grade boys.  There was lots of hands on activities for the students to do.  We took a guided tour and we got to sit under a Blackbird Plane, the fasted plane in the world!

Sitting under the Blackbird

3. Monday night was our Spring Concert
The students did a wonderful job!  That night they found out which team they would be on for our school Olympic Day.  I am on the blue team...the winning team!  They students were very excited to learn their team!

A few teachers sporting our team shirts!  Lauren and I know we are on the winning team!

Students performing at the Spring Concert!

4. Father's Day Gift
My students painted frames for their Father's Day gifts.  They always love when I bring paint out for a project.  This is a great project and cheap.  Each frame was a dollar, but I got them with a 20% off coupon at Michael's, so each frame was only 80 cents!

5. Heart Rate Lab
We are studying the Circulatory system in science.  On Wednesday, we did a great heart rate lab.  The students learned how to take their pulse on their neck or wrist.  They found their resting heartbeat and then exercised for two minutes.  We took our pulse every thirty seconds for five minutes to find out how long it took for our pulse to come back to a resting rate. The students then created a graph showing their heart rate.

Well, that is my Five for Friday!  I hope you have a fantastic week-end!



  1. Beautiful wedding pictures! I always feel bad because we get out at the beginning of June and I never do anything for Father's Day! Maybe next year!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Beautiful wedding and that field trip looks awesome. Cute post. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Congrats on your sister's wedding. Also the field trip looks like it was a huge success. The Father's Day frames look great too!

    Compassionate Teacher