Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tricks of the Trade: Bulletin Board Creations

Happy Thursday!  Today I am very excited to be linking up with my fabulous teaching partner, Jessica from Joy in the Journey and my fabulous friend Becky from Compassionate Teacher for their very first linky party!  Tricks of the Trade!  Their first topic this week is Bulletin Board Creations. 

I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of changing bulletin boards.  I usually try and put ones up that can stay up all year or ones that require very little work on my part.  I do have a couple of tricks for you all!

Trick #1

When I plan my boards at the beginning of the year, I always choose backgrounds and boarders that can stay up all year.  I never change those two things.  I always use fabric because it doesn't fade and it lasts for a couple of years.  I did learn that felt is not good for bulletin board background because it is to fluffy.

Trick #2

I always have one board where I can display student work.  This board is called 'Spotlight in STAR Work'.  I like to highlight projects we have done or work that is Star worthy.  

I often have students help me take down and hang my bulletin boards.  An eager boy wanted to help me hang my bulletin board so I let him go to town.  Hence, the randomness of the placement of these projects!

Trick #3

When I am making a title for a bulletin, I always glue it on to a larger piece of paper.  I then laminate it so I can use it for years.  I like using big sheet because I am not fussing with letter and making sure I have enough letters of the same type for the title.

Trick #4

If you have a cinder block, use hot glue to stick you items on.  I am lucky enough to have two walls in my class that are cinder block.  You can not staple into cinder block, so I use hot glue instead.  I make sure everything is laminated (I love to laminate things by the way!) and then just put some hot glue on the back and stick it up.  It does not take the paint off when you take it down and the hot glue just peals right off.  It will save you from many times reapplying tape and sticking things back up.  The hot glue will stay up all year.

Trick #5

Make your bulletin boards fun!  A few years ago, I on these Funky Fact posters from I don't remember and I put them up.  They have been a crowd pleaser.  The students love reading them and often share the funky facts with visitors who come into our classroom.  

Well, I hope you were able to learn some tricks of the trade from me.  I cannot wait to learn other tricks of the trade!



  1. I love your idea of making your signs on larger paper that you can laminate! I too keep my paper up all year. It is so much easier than switching it out every month.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. My walls are all cinder block, which means nothing stays. I have to use the super hot glue. You know the kind that burns you the second it touches you. I gave up on the cinder block tape after my first year and decorating my walls to walk into everything lying on the floor the next day. Love your helpful ideas!

  3. I am all about putting up bulletin boards that can stay up all year too! Great tips!

  4. What wonderful tips, Rosie!
    I love your "Flight Crew" Classroom Jobs board - too cute!

    Thanks for linking up :)

    Joy in the Journey

  5. Two tricks that I am going to use next year: hot glue on cinder blocks and the funky facts. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

    Third Grade Galore

  6. I'm with you on making bulletin boards as easy as possible. Thanks for sharing your tips! I just found you from Fifth in the Middle's blog.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late