Saturday, May 25, 2013

Motivating Students- Math Game Friday

I am so excited for a three day week-end.  I am home by myself because the rest of my family is in Tennessee or North Carolina getting ready for my sister's wedding next week-end.  I will join them later next week.  I am excited to just sit, watch TV and have no major plans for three whole days!  Of course, I have papers to grade and a suitcase to pack.  I have also started a new product for TpT and I bought the Teachers Notebook package that I am downloading and going through little by little, but those are non-stress things to do!  Today, I am linking up again with Joanne at Head Over Heals For Teaching for her Sparking Student Motivation linky party.

Our Spring Break was very late and when we came back we only had eight weeks left of school.  I decided since we were done with our testing I would do something fun every week in math.  I introduced 'Math Game Fridays'.  The students look forward to Fridays because we are doing something different.  Some weeks we have played a whole class game or a game in partners.  They think it is lots of fun and they don't even realize they are reviewing their math concepts.  One of the great whole class games I have discovered was an ipad app by Lakeshore Learned called Math Quiz Show.  It is set up like Jeopardy, but with math questions.  I can choose the number of teams and four categories. The questions are hard enough where they make my students think, but not to hard where they are getting them all wrong.  We played it yesterday and we had a great time.  They have two different versions of the game one for grades 1-3 and one for grades 4-6.  I think the app cost me $1.99, but it was worth it!

iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 1

I cannot wait to read about other ways to motivate students.  We have 17 more days and I cannot wait!  It has been a long school year and I am ready for a break (and to start all my projects for next year!).  Have a wonderful Saturday!



  1. I purchased this game from Lakeshore Store and my students play it on the SMART Board. They love it!

    Foreman Teaches

  2. I love Math Game Fridays! Perfect! I think I might incorporate that the last Friday of each semester! Thanks for sharing and linking up! Dumb question: if you download the app, do you display it on your computer/projector? How?
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. Isn't it wonderful to have "nothing" to do??? I'm having a weekend like that too! Math games are so much fun and a great way to spiral concepts from earlier in the year. You are right -- the kids have so much fun they don't even know they are learning. Thanks for the tip on the app -- I will check it out!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. Fun! I bet they love it. This might come in handy during my last 9 days!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  5. I'll have to look into that game. Fun for you to have a relaxing weekend!
    Kids Math Teacher