Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday Made It with a Freebie!

I have to confess...I had this post done on Sunday except for the pictures, which I needed to take yesterday.  Our Internet at school was crazy, I was over whelmed yesterday and we had open house.  I am sorry this is a day late!

It has been a while since I linked up to Monday Made It!  I have made things, but have either thought they were not worthy to link up or they were pretty boring.  Today, I feel my item is worthy of Monday Made It!  Head over to see Tara and check out some fun things others have made! 

I love wreaths...all kinds.  I like to have a different one for each season hanging on my front door.  I feel like they are very welcoming to visitors.  I had seen ones on pinterest that were teacher related.  So I had to try and make one!  I bought a flat wreath form from Michaels for $2 and a few boxes of crayons from Target.  I used the Up & Up crayons because I had a coupon, so I believe they were free and I like the polka dots on them.  (You can score the Up and Up crayons for 22 cents a box right now at Target).  I got my trusty hot glue gun and went to work gluing all of the crayons around the edge.  It didn't take me long.  Before I glued the last few down, I glued some ribbon to the form so I could hang the wreath on the door.  I added an owl to the top and voila!  It now hangs nicely on the front of my classroom door to welcome all of my students!

Tonight Last Night was open house to I made these cute tags to go with apples I bought for the parents.  I plan on placing one on each child's desk.  You can pick these up as a freebie at my TpT store!

A desk already for the parent!

I am off to write some lesson plans and grade my first homework assignment!  Then to bed...5 am comes to early!


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  1. Ah, how sweet! I think the apples for your parents are wonderful! Bet they liked them also. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wreath!