Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A New School Year!!! was the day...a new batch of students arrived at my door for me to teach!  I am so super excited to have this bunch of students.  They are terrific and I am beyond blessed to being intrusted to teach them this year.  I have a sign outside my door that says, "Through this door walk the world's greatest students."  I beleive I do have the "World's Greatest Students" this year.  (I am sorry everyone else!)

Here is the reveal of my classroom!  I am proud to say I actually put my room together in about two days.  Yes, I am still not sure how that was done, but I did it and my room had nothing in it when I started!  I had to car loads with things to move into my room!  I really prayed that God would multiply the minutes in my classroom and I would work efficiently.  My mom and a friend were big helps in the set up! I hope you enjoy this tour!

Outside my door!

My hallway tree with little birds on it with all of my kids names on it.  I bring this tree inside the classroom around Thanksgiving for my tree of thanks!

A view from the door.  I only have fourteen students, but I have sixteen desks set up.  Sometimes there is a students who needs a little extra space.

A view from the back looking at the front of the room.  The verse in big letters above my board reads, Do everything with out complaining or arguing.  Philippians 2:14.  I often point to it when a students is complaining about their work!

My "We Believe" statements from The Brown Bag Teacher.  I plan on using them when talking about rules and how I expect them to act in my classroom. 

Another view of the front of the room.

My homework, jobs, no name and missing work area.  I also have our homework bin and my pencil sharpener area.

I have these offices on one and a half sides on my room.  They were once used for older grades.  I was not sure what I was going to do with them because I don't do a lot of work where students need to be sectioned off.  I decided to make them into cubbys.  Two students share a cubby...I called them their "Cubby Buddies".  They are responsible for keeping them neat and could be rewarded by the Cubby Fairy every once in a while!  My students were very excited about them and even asked if they could decorate them!  I use the rest of them for storage.  It is nice since I don't have any closets or cabinets.

My desk area.  You can see how I used the cubbys for my teacher resource storage.

My classroom library area. (I am sorry for the glare.  I get really bad sunlight in the afternoon into my room.)  My students could not believe all of the books I have in my classroom.  They were very excited to check some out today!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour of my classroom!  I am very happy with how it came out.  I don't have a theme, I just like to set up my classroom fun!  Bright colors and fun posters!  Tomorrow is day two!  I need to see what I did not cover and what needs to be done tomorrow!

Have a great night!


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  1. Rose I think it looks awesome. I love the formation of the desks. Lucky you for only having 14 students this year. Good luck! Keep in touch!