Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two for Tuesday- 50% off

Hello Blogging Friends!  I am tried today!  Last night was our spring concert and we had rehearsal all day, so it was a long day! I am happy to say I only have 12 days left!!!  Today, I am very excited to be linking up wit The Teaching Tribune for their Two for Tuesday.

I have decided to put my two best selling items on sale for 50% off!  Grab them now because they won't be that price for long!

First up is my Scrambled States of America packet.  It is normally $3, but today it is $1.50.  The packet includes: map skills, cause and effect, writing prompts, state report and much more!

Second up is my #1 best Multiplication Properties Scavenger Hunt.  This packet includes: equation cards, recording sheets and property posters.  

I hope you check out these two products and the many other products linked up today at The Teaching Tribune!

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