Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently December!!!!

Happy December!!!!  I love December and all that this month brings!  I was looking forward to filling out my Currently for the month all day!  I find these Currently posts are a great way to reflect and think about the coming month!  So once again I am linking up with the famous Farley and her December Currently post!

Listening- The Holiday is one of my favorite Christmas movies...I happen to catch the end of the movie tonight!  I will have to go back and watch it sometime this month!

Loving- I decided to decorate for Christmas today.  I live with my mom so we decorate the living room with her Christmas decorations, but I like to put a small Christmas tree in my bedroom with my own ornamets.  My tree makes me happy and I love looking at it!

Thinking- There are three full weeks between now and Christmas vacation.  The month always goes by so fast and there is so much I want to get accomplished.  I hope I can get it all in!

Wanting- My sister and her family live in the Netherlands.  I would love for them to come and visit for Christmas, but they cannot.  I wish they could!  I will have to settle on Skyping with them and watching my nephews open their Christmas presents!  I have to thank God for Skype!

Needing- Grading papers...didn't do any this week-end, so they will be waiting for me tomorrow when I get to school!  I wish I could invent something to grade papers!

Favorite Traditions- Growing up my mom's side of the family was Jewish.  We celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah.  We would only get one present for Hanukkah and all of the rest for Christmas.  It was a neat tradition that my sisters and I have kept going.  I love teaching my students about Hanukkah!

Well, there is my Currently for December!  I am hoping to reach 200 followers soon because I want to have a give away!  I only need TWO more followers!  Tell your friends!


  1. There is something so special about having your own little tree in your room! We have 2 little boys now and I made sure they had a tree in their rooms. :) Such a fun tradition!

    Permanently Primary

  2. I watch The Holiday each year! It's a good one :)