Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mentor Text- True & False Books

Hello friends!  I hope you all are doing well...I have had a very productive week-end doing "adult" things.  Oil  I am very proud!  I am excited to link up to one of my favorite linky parties....Collaboration Cuties Mentor Text Linky Party!  I always find amazing books through this!

This week, I want to share a series of science books by Scholastic.  They are Scholastic True or False books by Melvin and Gilder Berger.  They have about ten books out on different science topics...animals, reptiles, storms, planets, rocks and minerals.  I love these books and so do my students.  I recently used the rock and mineral book when we were studying that topic in science.  I would start each lessons with a true or false question.  Students would have to guess and we would check and see if we were correct.  They loved it!  I would also find my students quizzing each other during silent reading time or when they were done with their work.  They are written at a lower level then my 5th graders, but they love them just as much!  As I was looking them up on Amazon, I noticed a few I will have to add to my collection!  If you haven't seen these...check them out!

Amazon Description: Scholastic True or False is a science series aimed at second and third graders in a fun question-and-answer format. Each book contains 22 true or false questions with a full-color photograph of dangerous animals on every page. Kids will read the question on the right and turn the page to see the answer on the left. Every answer also includes a bonus fact related to the question.

I hope you check them out and all of the other fun science books that are linked up!

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  1. These books are so great! I haven't introduced them to my class yet this year, thanks for the reminder. I'll need to pull them out soon!