Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to School Goals!

Hello Blogging Friends!  It has been a while, but I am ready to be back and sharing many ideas with you all!  I am also excited to learn from you all.  I have gotten some of my best ideas from the wonderful bloggers out there!  I cannot wait to get some other ideas for this coming school year!

Today I am linking up with the fabulous blogger Jess from I {heart} recess.  She has a great linky party each month for us to set her monthly goals!  This month we are setting goals for the upcoming school year.  

Personal: I am trying this next school year to not spend as much money on things.  I would like to build my savings account.  I have come to a point in life where I don't need anything.  My goal this year is to just!  It is not going to be easy, but I am going to try!

Organization: I sometimes don't grade papers right away, especially the ones that I don't like to grade (writing)!  I am going to try and give myself a two day rule.  Where all papers must be graded within two days of being handed in.

Planning: Last year I was pretty good about getting my planning done during the week.  I want to try and keep that same rhythm going and have all of my planning for the week done before the week-end!

Professional: I am not always the best communicator with my parents.  I want to be a better communicator with the parents of my students.

Students: I want to make sure each day I challenge my students to do their best.  Each child is capable of achieving so much, I want to make sure they are living up to their potential.

Motto: Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Well, those are my back to school goals!  I hope I can keep them through the whole school year.  I am fortunate to not go back to school for another month! It is a good thing because I am not ready at all!



  1. Love these! I especially need to watch my spending. It gets reaaaaallllllllly out of control sometimes, especially when it comes to my new baby girl. :-)
    I'm doing a whole lesson on goal setting this year and we are gonna write our "new years" goals { new school year }. I'm going to set my goals in front of all my students! Hopefully, they'll hold me just as accountable for my goals as I will hold them for their goals!
    You can do it! Good luck with yours! :-)

  2. Having your plans done before the weekend makes life so much better!!

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