Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Pencil Sharpeners

I found this very neat linky party hosted by Sugar and Spice.

What type of pencil sharpener do you use in your classroom?


  1. I have the same sharpener that you do. LOVE it!!!!!


  2. I am not sure what my brand of sharpener is. I do know that I once went through them like crazy. Then, the blogging world shared with me better ways to manage pencil sharpening in my classroom.

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  3. The same one! Only in green. The orange is way cuter. :) Thanks for linking up! :)

    Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice

  4. I have the same one, and have had it for over a year. I've noticed now though that when a student sharpens a pencil, it breaks right away. Any suggestions?! Also, it looks like you have the lovely smoky, lead smears on your counter top as well. Again, any suggestions from those who have these how to take care of the smudges? I use a clorox wipe every now and then, but I'm trying to think of a better solution. :)

    Tales of a Teacher

  5. I wish I knew the make and model of one the reading specialists on my's the fastest pencil sharpener ever!! I think it might be an X-acto. What brand is yours? Mine just broke. I need a new one.

  6. I had that one in green but it stopped sharpening...I think I need to buy a new blade. In the meantime, we use those old fashion ones that screw into a shelf and kids have to turn the knob. Pencils and I don't get along lol!
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary

  7. I have 2 of these! Elyse...Take out the 2 small screws & clean it out...I had ERASERS in my blade...WHAT? YOU CAN'T sharpen BOTH ends of the pencil????? DUH! :) Wendy 1stgradefireworks