Sunday, January 19, 2014

What My Day Looks Like

Hello blogging buddies!  I hope you have had a fantastic Sunday!  I took a two hour nap, which was much needed!  I am excited to have an extra day to rest and get things done!  Does anyone have big plans for tomorrow??

Tonight, I am linking up with Amelia from Where the Wild Things Learn.  She is having a fun linky party right now called A Day Our Way.  I have loved reading about others daily schedule.  

I had a hard time putting a schedule for this together because my schedule is different every day.  Yes, it does make life confusing at times, but I have my cheat sheet hanging up next to my board to remind me.  Here is my schedule broken down by day.

There are two fifth grades in my school and I teach math and science to both classes.  The other teacher teaches reading, language arts and spelling.  We both teach history and bible to our own classes.  We are also responsible for teaching computer and we have an extra special of Spanish each week along with chapel.  

My math block for each class is about 55-60 minutes.  I usually do a whole group lesson and then do some guided and independent practice.  Some days we play math games or rotate through different math centers. 

All of my other periods are 40 minutes long.  For science, I alternate hands on activities with information from the book.  I actually love our science curriculum and so do the kids.  We also watch a lot of videos and sing a lot of songs in science.  I have found a song for pretty much every topic.  The kids love it!

My favorite part of the day is the discussions and reading during bible.  It has been wonderful having the students open up during this part of the day.  We sometimes do bible with the lights off after lunch.  It is a nice calming time of our day.  My students have also been funny with some of the stories we have read and how violent they are!

Well, that is a glimpse at my week.  I can't wait to peek at your schedule!  Have a fantastic night!

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